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Secret Smile

By Cassidy Ryan
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)
  • Isbn : 1781844003
  • Pages : 33
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 326
  • File Pdf: secret-smile.pdf

Book Summary:

Ten years, and he could still make my toes curl with a single kiss. Famous actors Ben and James have been best friends and lovers since they met at drama school ten years ago. They have kept the true nature of their relationship a secret, to protect their careers. But when they agree to help an old friend making a low-budget film, a moment of indiscretion leads to a photograph of them kissing appearing in a national newspaper. They must now decide whether to let James' publicist 'fix' the situation, or to finally step out of the shadows.

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I Love You More

By Jennifer Murphy
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  • Publisher : Anchor
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  • File Pdf: i-love-you-more.pdf

Book Summary:

One man, three wives, the perfect murder. A scintillating novel of betrayal and conspiracy. Picasso Lane is twelve years old when her father, Oliver, is murdered at their summer beach house. Her mother, Diana, is the primary suspect—until the police discover his second wife, and then his third. The women say they have never met—but Picasso knows otherwise. Picasso remembers the morning beautiful Jewels showed up at their house, carrying the same purse as her mother, and a family portrait featuring her father with two strange boys. Picasso remembers lifting the phone, listening to late night calls with Bert, a woman heavily pregnant with Oliver's fourth child. As the police circle and a detective named Kyle Kennedy becomes a regular fixture in their home, Picasso tries to make sense of her father's death, the depth of his deceit, and the secrets that bind these three women. Cunningly paced and plotted, I Love You More is a riveting novel of misplaced loyalty, jealousy, and revenge.

Sterling Secrets

By Vee R. Paxton
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : WOOW Books
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages :
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  • File Pdf: sterling-secrets.pdf

Book Summary:

"I’m alone in New York City, an ocean away from my clan in England. This is the price I’m paying for an aged soothsayer naming me the woman to bring forth the most powerful Lycan ever known. Now a ruthless gangster wants me for his bride, and all I want is a life of my own. So I ran away, straight into a random encounter with a former FBI agent turned private investigator named Ashley Sterling. The magic coming off of him is more powerful than I’ve ever sensed. On top of that, he has premonitions–and he’s handsome. I’m attracted, terrified and intrigued at the same time. Can he help me?" "My best friend is a chick magnet. Me, I’m more of a trouble magnet. Okay, half the time as an investigator I go looking for it, but as soon as I catch her eyes on the subway, all the bells in my head ring. The woman from my premonition is right in front of me. She’s in trouble, on the run. Olivia is also beautiful and sensed my magic immediately. How can I not be intrigued? I’ve stepped in to help her, even though every signal in my brain tells me that by doing so, my life will never be the same."

Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings

By Sophia Bennett
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
  • Isbn : 0545393108
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 422
  • File Pdf: sequins-secrets-and-silver-linings.pdf

Book Summary:

Three trendy British BFFs help a brilliant Ugandan girl in this heartfelt fashion fairy tale!Once upon a time in London town, there were three fab "birds": Nonie's a freak for fashion. Eco-conscious Edie blogs to save the world--and to get into Harvard. And starter-starlet Jenny just finished filming a small part in a BIG Hollywood blockbuster opposite a drool-worthy boy. But when these trendy Brit besties meet Crow, a refugee girl who happens to be an amazing designer, their worldview gets an extreme makeover. As they learn about the serious situation in Crow's homeland, the three friends decide to mix-and-match their talents to call attention to the crisis of Uganda's Night Walking children.Fashion and compassion: C'est tres chic! Now Nonie's just got to lace up her (always a classic) Converse kicks, put on her (vintage Dior pillbox) thinking cap, and somehow "make it work"!A fierce, sweet, boldface fashion fairy tale!


By Dr. Shree Raman Dubey, PhD
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Notion Press
  • Isbn : 1638735824
  • Pages : 562
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reads : 814
  • File Pdf: win-by-wisdom.pdf

Book Summary:

The Nature’s Wisdom is –A fallen leaf from the tree on the ground never goes back to the tree neither by itself nor by any other means or by any reasons to unite with the existing lively leaves greening the tree. v The Lesson to be learnt is that once you have been thrown out of your Character, Behaviour, Morals, Ethics, and so on , representing these lively human characteristics as leaves, your Personality is just not lost partially with this fall of any one attribute of greener leaf, but it is lost forever in totality. v The Book is a Global Campaign Drive to Humanize Management for Ethical Organizational Management Practices with an introductory insight into various NEW Managerial Ethical Excellence Models designed based on Researching, Discovering, Understanding, Training and Learning & Leading on World Leadership Wisdom Management. v Today’s Management Professionals for Managerial Ethical Excellence have to look beyond the limits of Operating an Organization. The Operations Management, the Financial Management, the Human Resources Management, each and every functions of Management needs redefining their principles of practices for establishing an Ethical Environment of Business & Management. v My request to all the World Managerial Professionals is to Awake Arise Act Work Intuitionally Spiritually Divinely Opening Mind Improving the Organizational Management Practices for unconditionally transforming it into an Ethical System globally in the World of Businesses. v Make “WISDOM”, a core area of Functions of Management. Wisdom is Essential in the chain of planning, organizing, commanding, and controlling and so on in the Management System. v Wisdom is Worthiness .It is a process of integrating all the essential and desirable personal traits of an individual towards accomplishing the operational objectives of an organization by right means. v The World Leadership Wisdom Management which evolved on its own for Managing of the Outbreak COVID-19 Global Pandemic Worldwide will certainly go down in the pages of History in Golden letters as one of the Biggest Management Challenges of 21st Century. v It is time for The Globalization of Humanity in Business & Management. Let us Humanize the Philosophy of Management!

Fiery Tales – Cinderella Charmed

By Malcolm Meijin
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Pelangi ePublishing Sdn Bhd
  • Isbn : 9830071014
  • Pages : 135
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 300
  • File Pdf: fiery-tales-cinderella-charmed.pdf

Book Summary:

Unlike the classic tale, Cinderella gets a little deceitful when she decides to hide the royal ball invitation from her stepmother and stepsisters. Is Cinderella who we think she is, or even who SHE thinks she is? She may not live happily ever after…

Her Father's House

By Belva Plain
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dell
  • Isbn : 0440334624
  • Pages : 416
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 412
  • File Pdf: her-father-s-house.pdf

Book Summary:

Beloved storyteller Belva Plain understands the rich tapestry of the human heart like no other. Her many dazzling New York Times bestsellers probe the shifting bonds of marriage and family with insight, compassion, and uncommon grace. And her new novel is no exception. A tale of fathers and daughters, lovers and families, acts of love and acts of betrayal, Her Father’s House is Belva Plain’s most powerful and unforgettable novel yet. It is the spring of 1968 when Donald Wolfe, a young graduate of a midwestern law school, arrives in New York. Filled with ambition and idealism, he is dazzled not only by the big city but by the vivacious, restless Lillian, whom he marries in the heat of infatuation. Surely theirs is no marriage made in heaven, but they have a child, Tina, and she is the love of Donald’s heart. For her he would give up everything--his home, his distinguished career, and his freedom. When his flawed marriage begins to fail, a choice must be made. Shall he consider a step that would force him into flight and a life of hiding? From her earliest years, Tina is exceptional, a brilliant student and a joyous, loving spirit. At the university she falls in love with Gilbert, who graduates from law school just as she is about to enter medical school. Together they go to New York, where she learns the truth about her family’s past, a truth that must change her regard for the father who has protected and cherished her. When a terrible lie has been told out of love, can it be forgiven? With courage and compassion, Belva Plain paints a moving portrait of the choices that shape the course of our lives, the secrets that haunt us, and the love that helps us heal and move on. It is a work of riveting storytelling and rare emotional power by one of the most gifted novelists of our time.

All Secrets Told

By Samantha Carter
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Isbn : 1479729701
  • Pages : 173
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 523
  • File Pdf: all-secrets-told.pdf

Book Summary:

Kate was born to a mother who had already shown signs of an abusive and cruel nature. Her grandmother unsuccessfully tried to keep her eldest granddaughter safe but when the new family emigrated to the other side of the world, young Kates fate was sealed. As the eldest of a large family she knew it was her job to defend and protect her siblings, be the household slave and try to make her mother happy and her father notice her once in a while. Kates job ended when she was forced to marry a man she feared. Her siblings never forgave her for abandoning them; leaving them in the hands of a woman whose rages never ceased. . The die was cast for a life of abuse, fear and depression. The life of Cinderella the doormat. The one thing that kept Kates indomitable spirit alive and safe was hope and a tiny sliver of self-respect that said she didnt deserve the life that she was living, even though she believed she had no choices. Kates survival strategy was to comply with their mothers demands and do all that was demanded of her, while expecting nothing of herself. After many years the strategy failed and Kate found herself down a rabbit hole of insanity. Her journey to free herself from depression and gain awareness had begun A journey to finally put her past to rest and to discover who she is . Kate is soon to realize what courage really means when evil returns to terrorize her. She discovers that she has little time or energy for the one thing that she had previously given herself so freely to..fear ; so when physical pain threatens her very life, she rediscovers that her spirituality is, as always there to protect, heal and give her the strength to survive once again. Most of all Kate knows that the best that life has to offer can never be destroyed, no matter how hot the flames. This is a heroic journey of a woman who is betrayed, abused and abandoned; who meets the true tests of courage and self-belief and who finally reaches enlightenment to discover what love truly is.

Corner Office Secrets

By Shannon McKenna
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Isbn : 1488070687
  • Pages : 224
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 936
  • File Pdf: corner-office-secrets.pdf

Book Summary:

Can a hidden heiress keep her secret as business blends with pleasure? Find out in this Men of Maddox Hill novel by New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna. Sleeping with the boss breaks all her rules especially when he doesn't know who she really is… Secret heiress Sophie Valente is desperate to keep a low profile at her new job—at the architecture firm owned by her long-lost father. But when she's forced to go on a business trip with her dark-eyed, gorgeous new boss, Vann Acosta, Sophie knows she's in real trouble. Separating business from pleasure is hard enough. But for two people keeping secrets from each other, the stakes couldn’t be higher… From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite. Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Men of Maddox Hill series: Book 1: His Perfect Fake Engagement Book 2: Corner Office Secrets

The Hidden Secrets Saga: Complete Collection

By W.J. May
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dark Shadow Publishing
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages : 725
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 514
  • File Pdf: the-hidden-secrets-saga.pdf

Book Summary:

The Complete Hidden Secrets Saga in one collection! Seventh Mark - Part 1 & Part 2 Beautiful, quiet Rouge is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to be. With little knowledge about her past, she has questions but has never tried to find the answers. Everything changes when she befriends a strangely intoxicating family. Siblings Grace and Michael, appear to have secrets which seem connected to Rouge. Her hunch is confirmed when a horrible incident occurs at party. Rouge may be the only one who can find the answer. An ancient journal, a Siorghra necklace and a special mark force life-altering decisions for a girl who grew up unprepared to fight for her life or others .All secrets have a cost and Rouge's determination to find the truth can only lead to trouble...or something even more sinister. Marked by Destiny Sometimes the past isn't what you expect it to be. Rouge has survived the last months of school and is starting a new chapter after graduation. She wants answers to the questions about her past and is still hiding secrets from those she loves. Her hope is to find what she needs in Niagara Falls so she can move forward in her relationship with Michael and have a chance to convince his family that she is worthy of him. The ancient Grollic Book reveals another of its secrets, only to Rouge. She desperately wants to find the truth about her past. Nothing could have prepared her for what she's about to learn. Compelled The secrets of her past have been revealed, but Rouge’s life is still shrouded in mystery. The Grollics want her dead, she’s forbidden to be with the boy she loves, and her brother–who is the enemy–may be the only one she can trust. The deeper she digs into the past, the more trouble awaits. Can she find answers in the ancient journal she carries, or is she opening Pandora’s box? Fate's Intervention How do choose between power of passion or the power of peace? After finally coming face to face with her greatest foe, Bentos, Rogue has a decision to make. Joshua, the new grolics alpha has been labeled as her true mate, but her heart belongs to Michael. Rouge joins Joshua with her brother to discover more about who she is and where to gain access to the true power of three.. What she finds growing within her will change everything. Power is queen, but love and new life is King. Chosen Three How do you choose between life, love and the future? You can't. Rob’s missing. Rouge’s passed out. Caleb just told her that Rob’s been taken away to be put down. Oh yeah, and Rouge’s pregnant. Wait, what?! Rouge’s the Seventh Mark, Michael’s a guardian who’s already dead. How can he get her pregnant? The high and mighty Caleb is even more determined now to stop Rouge and the abomination growing in her belly. On the run from Caleb and the Higher Council, on a mission to save Rob, and at the same time trying to stop the dark angel Rouge summoned – the team must figure out what the Power of Three is before Bentos kills them all. However, there’s a catch: if they go after the dark angel and kill it, anyone with angel blood in them will die. If they kill Bentos, there is rumor that all his offspring will die except the next Seventh Mark. When everything looks lost, will there be any chance of hope for the future? Find out in the final installment of the Hidden Secrets Saga, CHOSEN THREE. Search Terms: magic, shifters, werewolves and shifters, romance paranormal werewolves and shifters, vampire series, vampires and witches, alpha, Alpha Bad Boy, bad boy obsession, urban fantasy, suspense, romance, Young Adult, paranormal, mystery, series, w.j. may, paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, new adult, witches, horror, horror romance, werewolves, werewolf series, werewolf romance, superpowers, supernatural, superhero fantasy ebooks, complete series, sagas, anthologies, collections.

Sunshine and Shadows (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 3)

By Pamela Browning
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ePublishing Works!
  • Isbn : 1614174377
  • Pages : 250
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 932
  • File Pdf: sunshine-and-shadows.pdf

Book Summary:

Lisa Sherrill's new job at the Florida Everglades mission school has an added perk the nuns didn't mention—hunky Jay Quillian. Jay won't talk about his past. But that's okay with Lisa. She's more interested in their future—together. Until a moonlight-walk on the beach reveals that their paths crossed tragically many years ago.... REVIEWS: "Pamela Browning.... creates multifaceted characters and fascinating plots with unexpected twists." ~Romantic Times THE KEEPING SECRETS SERIES, in order Ever Since Eve Through Eyes of Love Sunshine and Shadows Touch the Stars THE BEACH BACHELORS SERIES, in order The Beach Bachelors Boxset (Sea of Gold, Touch of Gold, and Sands of Gold) Interior Designs Cherished Beginnings

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy

By Zanib Mian
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : 0593109252
  • Pages : 224
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 562
  • File Pdf: planet-omar.pdf

Book Summary:

Omar is back with a big mystery to solve in the second installment of this imaginative, highly-illustrated series. Omar is always full of ideas! His family’s favorite mosque needs a new roof, and Omar’s money-raising plans are brilliant, especially the talent contest at school. It’s a huge success, but the next day, the money is missing! Omar needs all of his super-spy creativity to track down the thief. And when the truth is revealed, even Omar’s imaginative mind is blown!

What Was I Thinking?

By Gurmit Singh
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Armour Publishing Pte Ltd
  • Isbn : 981506004X
  • Pages : 296
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 370
  • File Pdf: what-was-i-thinking.pdf

Book Summary:

If Phua Chu Kang’s yellow boots and permed hair are all you know about Gurmit Singh, then you need this book. The actor, host, singer and entrepreneur shares not just his funny moments in life but also bares his personal moments in What Was I Thinking? and proves that the funnyman image is just one of his many facets. Read about the first car he drove as a child, the neighbour with the EYE, the rat that almost ate his finger when he was a baby, how he dealt with the loss of his parents and many more stories. Caution: This is not a how-to book on being a better entertainer; rather, you will walk away with a better understanding of this man.


By Taraleigh Weathers,Pete Mason
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SUNY Press
  • Isbn : 143843670X
  • Pages : 198
  • Category : Cooking, American
  • Reads : 507
  • File Pdf: phanfood.pdf

Book Summary:

.A cookbook for—and by—fans of the rock band Phish. Like the band they follow from city to city, Phish fans have their own history of creativity, which in turn follows them wherever they go—even into the kitchen. Edited by Taraleigh Weathers and Pete Mason, PhanFood brings together many of the recipes that Phish fans have made and shared over the years. Included are appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, entrées, desserts, drinks (with and without alcohol), and a variety of other concoctions that Phish fans enjoy while they are in the lots, at the site, or just sitting at home waiting for the next tour to be announced. PhanFood is also a wholly nonprofit endeavor, with all net profits being donated to regional food banks and charities in the cities where Phish plays. A cookbook by Phish fans and for Phish fans (as well as anyone else who likes good, healthy food), PhanFood aims to benefit the Phish community and to give back to the communities Phish fans visit as they follow the band to the next great show!


By Christianna Brand
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Isbn : 1504037391
  • Pages : 240
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 570
  • File Pdf: starrbelow.pdf

Book Summary:

A young Italian woman travels to eighteenth-century England to wage war on polite society in this sweeping historical saga of mystery, scandal, and romance. Sophia Devigne is a child of Venice, as much a part of the wonderful island city as the canals themselves. If it were up to her, she would never leave, but her family has other ideas. For the sake of her British father’s honor, she’s being sent to London to make her societal debut. Her father hopes she’ll attract a wealthy husband and retire to a life of polite boredom in the English countryside, but beneath Sophia’s genteel exterior lurks the wild spirit of Venice, which will thrust her headlong into the scandal of the century. When Sophia wins the hand of the dashing Lord Weyburn, she believes her troubles are over. But his elegant Cotswold estate, Starrbelow, is just another gilded cage. Desperate to be free, she escapes to town—and embarks on a wild debauch that shocks all London. Never again will she call herself Sophia. Now she’s Sapphire, and she’ll bow to no man. But when her wild indulgences embroil her in a suspicious death, Sapphire is accused of murder, and faces the merciless judgment of the court of public opinion. On trial by society, she will live or die as she always has: unbroken and standing tall. This stirring recreation of eighteenth-century English society combines adventure, murder, and timeless romance. Christianna Brand was one of the masters of classic British mystery fiction, and Starrbelow is one of her greatest works.

Harmonizing Life and Mind

By Dr. Somnath Banerjee
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zorba Books
  • Isbn : 9386407914
  • Pages : 230
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Reads : 608
  • File Pdf: harmonizing-life-and-mind.pdf

Book Summary:

Do you feel resistance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically. You lack Harmony? The cause of all the miseries we have in the world is that men foolishly think pleasure to be the ideal to strive for. We are responsible for what we are; and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions. The investigation and analysis consists of five sections. First section deals with redefining God and truth, second section contain analysis of Arjuna’s question on self development. Third section attributes and functionalities of life are highlighted, fourth section deals with functioning of mind and lastly random results of harmonizing life and mind.

The Blood King's Bride

By Obasi Naomi
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages : 159
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 866
  • File Pdf: the-blood-king-s-bride.pdf

Book Summary:

An abandoned princess out for revenge... A powerful king in search of a bride... A hidden enemy lying in wait... An uprising approaching... In every tale of love and war, one must always come out the victor. But... How can you defeat something you can't even see? Elena has gone through so many unfair things in life. As a royal princess, she is treated no different from a commoner in her own home. She endured it all, until the day she found out she was to be paid a tribute to the blood king.... The blood king, a tyrant and a masochist, the person most feared in all the four kingdoms. No one has seen his face, and whoever does do not live to see the next day. Elena would rather die than to be given to him. But she alone can't suffer. As she goes to hell, she will drag them all with her! Revenge? that's her motto. Death? that's her best friend. No one can stop her! And not even the blood king!

Vincent - The Boy Who Painted the Night

By Mark Roland Langdale
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn : 1789019559
  • Pages :
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 372
  • File Pdf: vincent-the-boy-who-painted-the-night.pdf

Book Summary:

Meet Vincent: a young boy from Holland with big dreams. Fortuneless and out of favour with just about everybody, Vincent discovers that he can escape if he only uses his powerful imagination. Sometimes his mind would wander so far, Vincent got lost. Not only did he get lost in the palette of his imagination, he would wander the halls of his Uncle’s art gallery travelling from one painting to another as if traversing the world. And when he discovers his own talent for painting, Vincent opens the door to a wonderful and magical world of art. From his bedroom window, Vincent can see the sky, framed as if in a large canvas. He dreams of painting the night. But can he capture Mother Nature’s magnificent muse? Artists of the world unite and free Vincent, the boy who painted the night.

Screwing the Rules

By Laurel House
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Running Press
  • Isbn : 0762455357
  • Pages : 224
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Reads : 125
  • File Pdf: screwing-the-rules.pdf

Book Summary:

Dating isn’t about games; it’s about strategy. What’s the difference? Games are for fun and manipulation. Strategy is about dating smart and on-purpose. Screwing the Rules will challenge you to examine your expectations, hopes and dreams, dating strategy, relationship goals—and yourself—so that you can find “the” one, as opposed to just another “some” one. Screwing the Rules will take you full circle, from working on yourself and figuring out what you need in a guy, to how to find him, get him, and keep him (or cut him loose and get over him if you need to). Get ready to become your best, most confident, powerfully feminine self through no-games insight, tools, and actionable advice that will finally put you on the right path to find your ideal match.

Father Elijah

By Michael O'Brien
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Ignatius Press
  • Isbn : 1681491729
  • Pages : 597
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 311
  • File Pdf: father-elijah.pdf

Book Summary:

Michael O'Brien presents a thrilling apocalyptic novel about the condition of the Roman Catholic Church at the end of time. It explores the state of the modern world, and the strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary religious scene, by taking his central character, Father Elijah Schäfer, a Carmelite priest, on a secret mission for the Vatican which embroils him in a series of crises and subterfuges affecting the ultimate destiny of the Church. Father Elijah is a convert from Judaism, a survivor of the Holocaust, a man once powerful in Israel. For twenty years he has been "buried in the dark night of Carmel" on the mountain of the prophet Elijah. The Pope and the Cardinal Secretary of State call him out of obscurity and give him a task of the highest sensitivity: to penetrate into the inner circles of a man whom they believe may be the Antichrist. Their purpose: to call the Man of Sin to repentance, and thus to postpone the great tribulation long enough to preach the Gospel to the whole world. In this richly textured tale, Father Elijah crosses Europe and the Middle East, moves through the echelons of world power, meets saints and sinners, presidents, judges, mystics, embattled Catholic journalists, faithful priests and a conspiracy of traitors within the very House of God. This is an apocalypse in the old literary sense, but one that was written in the light of Christian revelation.

Multiple-choice Comprehension

By Carole Booth
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : R.I.C. Publications
  • Isbn : 1864005688
  • Pages : 39
  • Category : English language
  • Reads : 659
  • File Pdf: multiple-choice-comprehension.pdf

Book Summary:

super photocopiable series containing original fiction stories children will love excellent whole-class, group and individual Literacy Hour resource ideal preparation for SATs multiple choice questions require pupils to answer literally as well as with inference and deduction wide range of additional activities, including, true/false, sequencing, dictionary usage and word study curriculum links and answers provided

Selfish is the Heart

By Megan Hart
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Chaos
  • Isbn : 1940078792
  • Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 783
  • File Pdf: selfish-is-the-heart.pdf

Book Summary:

For Annalise Marony, taking her vows as a Handmaiden isn’t a matter of faith –it’s a matter of the heart. Betrothed to her childhood companion Jacquin, Annalise finds herself facing a lifetime of marriage to a man she loves – but who can never be a true husband to her. Determined that neither of them shall face that fate, Annalise concocts a plan. She will enter the Order of Solace just long enough for their previous arrangement to be sundered, giving them both the out they desire. What Annalise does not expect is to find something more important to her than escape in her lessons of service at the Order. Cassian Toquin is a man of secrets, a carrier of lies. As Annalise’s teacher in the Order, he also becomes her formidable foe…and, perhaps, the only man to fulfill her destiny. When love and faith collide, there can be only one path to absolute solace – if only Annalise and Cassian can bring themselves to walk it.

Ayurveda Detox

By Anu Paavola
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Welbeck Publishing Group
  • Isbn : 1801290415
  • Pages : 176
  • Category : Health & Fitness
  • Reads : 932
  • File Pdf: ayurveda-detox.pdf

Book Summary:

Packed with recipes, detox plans, routines and remedies, Ayurveda Detox will help you cleanse your body of toxins and restore you to your natural state of health and happiness. The ancient principles of Ayurveda, or the ‘Science of Life’, are rooted in the idea that everything is interconnected: we cannot separate our body from our mind, and we cannot separate ourselves from the world we live in. The concepts of interconnectedness and balance underpin all Ayurvedic thinking. According to Ayurveda, our natural state is one of health, happiness and an inner sense of wellbeing. ‘Health’ is defined as the body being clear of toxins, the mind at peace, our emotions balanced, our wastes eliminated and our organs functioning normally. Imbalances cause ill-health and make us more susceptible to disease. Maintaining health and preventing disease while coping with the hectic, often toxic world we live in is challenging, but by following the natural cycles and rhythms of the seasons and our own bodies, we can find balance and optimize our wellbeing. Detoxing – essentially removing excess waste – is one of the most important ways we can attain balance and the comfort and wellbeing that go with it. In this book you will learn how to understand your own constitution and use the daily and seasonal cycles of nature to discard waste and toxic build up. You will discover how to boost your own ability to self-regulate based on your specific body type, or in Sanskrit, ‘dosha’. With easy-to-follow instructions to help you detox safely at home, Ayurveda Detox is a comprehensive guide filled with plans, routines, recipes and home remedies, to help you achieve your natural state of health and happiness.

The Kerrigan Kids Box Set Books #1-3

By W.J. May
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : W.J. May
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages : 700
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 777
  • File Pdf: the-kerrigan-kids-box-set-books-1-3.pdf

Book Summary:

USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May brings you a continuation of the international bestselling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan! Come back and enjoy the famous characters, or step into the series right here. You won't be disappointed! Grab the first three books of the 12 book series! Book 1 - School of Potential How do you save the world, when it's already been saved? Eighteen-year-old Aria was supposed to have it all. A tight-knit circle of friends, a loving family, and a magical tatu on her lower back that gave her every superpower under the sun. When it came to the battle between good and evil, she was ready to do her part. There was just one little problem. …good had already won. Trapped beneath their parents' legacy, Aria and her friends find themselves restlessly pacing the halls of Guilder University, desperate to come into their powers, desperate for whatever comes next. The months blend together, each more monotonous than the next, until one day, no different than any other, a mysterious stranger comes to school. Determined to uncover his secrets and driven by a fierce need to prove themselves, the new gang does whatever it takes to show the rest of the world they're ready. But that readiness comes at a cost. Will it be a price they're willing to pay? Book 2 - Myths & Magic It was a trial by fire… When a vicious murder rocks the Guilder Boarding School, Aria and her friends find themselves on shaky ground. When everyone has motive, everyone's a suspect. And thanks to a public brawl with the victim, Aria Wardell was seen to have more motive than most. While fending off a ward of accusations from both the students and the faculty alike, Aria struggles to find balance in her life amidst the shocking development of some new powers. A new group of shifters on campus raise more questions than answers, and no matter how the world is crumbling around her, she can't get a certain moonlit kiss out of her mind. Trouble is brewing. Secrets can't stay secret for long. Will she ever get answers? Or should some secrets be taken to the grave? Book 3 - Kith & Kin If you can't beat them, join them… When yet another attack leaves the students of Guilder University looking for answers, Aria decides to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a set of powers she'd vowed never to use, she follows the clues to the killer—only to find that nothing is as it seems. The world is changing. Alliances are shifting. And the very foundations of the supernatural community are at risk. Like it or not, people are starting to take sides. But will Aria and her friends find themselves on the right side of the fight? Or are some sins too big to come back from? Kerrigan Kids Book 1 - School of Potential Book 2 - Myths & Magic Book 3 - Kith & Kin Book 4 - Playing With Power Book 5 - Line of Ancestry Book 6 - Descent of Hope Book 7 – Illusion of Shadows Book 8 – Frozen by the Future Book 9 – Guilt of My Past Book 10 – Demise of Magic Book 11- Rise of the Prophecy Book 12 – Deafened by the Past Search Terms: fantasy, young adult fantasy, paranormal new adult romance, superpowers, paranormal romance, Teen reads, action adventure romance, mystery, sequel, new adult college romance, new adult, romance, superhero fantasy ebooks, supernatural free kindle books, superhero, supernatural, young adult, coming of age, sagas, Chronicles of Kerrigan, dark fantasy, fantasy anthology, fantasy witches, prequel, hybrid, hybrid paranormal, hybrid fantasy, Meyers, Stephanie, w.j. may, tattoos, werewolf series, FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters FICTION / Fantasy / Contemp, young adult paranormal, juvenille, humorous, tattooist, dark paranormal, horror romance, fantasy new adult, horror, paranormal suspense, The Chronicles of Kerrigan, series, boarding school, paranormal, England, Tudor, New Adult & College Romance, new adult and coll, academy, magic

Kill or be Killed

By Barry Johnson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Book Guild Publishing
  • Isbn : 1910878561
  • Pages :
  • Category :
  • Reads : 590
  • File Pdf: kill-or-be-killed.pdf

Book Summary:

Read and download full book Kill or be Killed

Patsy: A Novel

By Nicole Dennis-Benn
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Liveright Publishing
  • Isbn : 163149564X
  • Pages : 432
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 192
  • File Pdf: patsy.pdf

Book Summary:

Best Books of 2019: Washington Post • O, The Oprah Magazine • Time • NPR • People • Buzzfeed A TODAY Show #ReadWithJenna Book Club Selection Winner • Lambda Literary Award [Lesbian Fiction] A Washington Post Lily Lit Club Selection Longlisted • PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction American Library Association • A Barbara Gittings Literature Award Honor Book (Stonewall Book Awards) Finalist • Aspen Words Literary Prize Apple Books • Best Books of the Month New York Times Book Review • Editors’ Choice Selection Kirkus Reviews • Most Memorable Fictional Families of 2019 Longlisted • The Morning News Tournament of Books A Rumpus Book Club Selection A beautifully layered portrait of motherhood, immigration, and the sacrifices we make in the name of love from award-winning novelist Nicole Dennis-Benn. Heralded for writing “deeply memorable . . . women” (Jennifer Senior, New York Times), Nicole Dennis-Benn introduces readers to an unforgettable heroine for our times: the eponymous Patsy, who leaves her young daughter behind in Jamaica to follow Cicely, her oldest friend, to New York. Beating with the pulse of a long-withheld confession and peppered with lilting patois, Patsy gives voice to a woman who looks to America for the opportunity to love whomever she chooses, bravely putting herself first. But to survive as an undocumented immigrant, Patsy is forced to work as a nanny, while back in Jamaica her daughter, Tru, ironically struggles to understand why she was left behind. Greeted with international critical acclaim from readers who, at last, saw themselves represented in Patsy, this astonishing novel “fills a literary void with compassion, complexity and tenderness” (Joshunda Sanders, Time), offering up a vital portrait of the chasms between selfhood and motherhood, the American dream and reality.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

By Harry Turtledove
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : 1101212578
  • Pages : 528
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 387
  • File Pdf: in-the-presence-of-mine-enemies.pdf

Book Summary:

In the twenty-first century, Germany's Third Reich continues to thrive after its victory in World War II-keeping most of Europe and North America under its heel. But within the heart of the Nazi regime, a secret lives. Under a perfect Aryan facade, Jews survive-living their lives, raising their families, and fearing discovery...

The Hidden

By Jessica Verday
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1416985433
  • Pages : 400
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 950
  • File Pdf: the-hidden.pdf

Book Summary:

The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that L.J. Smith calls “spectacular!” Abbey knows that Caspian is her destiny. Theirs is a bond that transcends even death. But as Abbey finally learns the full truth about the dark fate that links her to Caspian and ties them both to the town of Sleepy Hollow, she suddenly has some very hard choices to make. Caspian may be the love of her life, but is that love worth dying for? Beautifully spun, emotionally gripping, and irresistibly romantic, The Hidden will leave you breathless.

Hidden Away

By Jennie Marts
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Entangled: Select Contemporary
  • Isbn : 1633754766
  • Pages : 302
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 324
  • File Pdf: hidden-away.pdf

Book Summary:

Right after a fire breaks out in her diner, a phone call changes Cherry Hill’s life. The tragic death of her cousin leaves Cherry sole guardian of her eight-year-old nephew. But the upper crust side of the Hill family deems her unfit and is determined to take Sam away from her. The only one on her side is the sexy sheriff, Taylor Johnson, the man who broke her heart nine years ago when he left town. Taylor Johnson has sworn to protect the citizens of Broken Falls, but should that extend to a fake engagement to the woman who captured his heart so long ago? It doesn’t take long for his pretend feelings to turn real for both Cherry and her adorable nephew, Sam. But Cherry’s been hiding a secret from Taylor that could rip this new family apart... Each book in the Hearts of Montana series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Tucked Away Book #2 Hidden Away

Reason and Being

By Boris G. Kuznetsov
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Isbn : 9400945906
  • Pages : 444
  • Category : Science
  • Reads : 794
  • File Pdf: reason-and-being.pdf

Book Summary:

Boris Kuznetsov was a scientist among humanists, a philosopher among scientists, a historian for those who look to the future, an optimist in an age of sadness. He was steeped in classical European culture, from earliest times to the latest avant-garde, and he roamed through the ages, an inveterate time-traveller, chatting and arguing with Aristotle and Descartes, Heine and Dante, among many others. Kuznetsov was also, in his intelligent and thoughtful way, a Marxist scholar and a practical engineer, a patriotic Russian Jew of the first sixty years of the Soviet Union. Above all he meditated upon the revolutionary developments of the natural sciences, throughout history to be sure but particularly in his own time, the time of what he called 'non-classical science', and of his beloved and noblest hero, Albert Einstein. Kuznetsov was born in Dnepropetrovsk on October 5, 1903 (then Yekaterinoslav). By early years he had begun to teach, first in 1921 at an institute of mining engineering and then at other technological institutions. By 1933 he had received a scientific post within the Academy of Science of the U. S. S. R. , and then at the end of the Second World War he joined several colleagues at the new Institute of the History of Science and Technology. For more than 40 years he worked there until his death two years ago.

A Turning Shadow

By Anne Goring
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Headline
  • Isbn : 1472225244
  • Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 489
  • File Pdf: a-turning-shadow.pdf

Book Summary:

Francis Kerswell is an unforgiving and embittered man, and when his orphaned, penniless grandchildren, Joanna and Ben Howarth, arrive at Falconwood, his Devonshire home, he cannot bring himself to set aside the grievances he has nursed throughout the long and lonely years. For the sake of the estate, Kerswell is prepared to take in Ben, seeing in him a resemblance to his only son and heir, drowned years before. Though Ben has been brain-damaged since an accident, Kerswell feels challenged to try to restore his grandson to full health. But he will never provide a home - or money - for Joanna, and he packs her off to Exeter to be companion to the dull and religious spinsters, the Misses Polsham. But Kerswell has underestimated his granddaughter''s spirit and strength of purpose. Joanna is determined to be reunited with her beloved brother and to overcome the difficulties of her life - even if it means using her growing acquaintance with the son of her grandfather''s old enemy, Nicholas Fox, whose quest for vengeance against his father''s murderers places him in a position of wealth and power.

Anything But Love

By Beth Ciotta
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • Isbn : 1466839457
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 220
  • File Pdf: anything-but-love.pdf

Book Summary:

For Reagan Deveraux, Sugar Creek, Vermont, and the Cupcake Lovers are a dream come true: A cozy little town where family and friends come before everything else. She's never experienced anything like it—especially not growing up with her mother, a fickle, fame-hungry heiress. But Rae's plan to hide out in anonymity for a year until she can claim her inheritance—and her independence—changes with one kiss from gorgeous pub owner Luke Monroe. Luke's charm is legendary, but he's never been a one-woman man. Until Rae captures his attention, that is, and then disappears. With a little help from a friend, Luke tracks her down—and unearths secrets almost too wild to be true, as well as the fact that Rae lied to him, and to all of Sugar Creek. Luke's not sure if he can forgive her, but he definitely can't forget her, and when she returns to save the Cupcake Lovers from disaster, he knows it's his chance to get the truth—and get the girl, this time for good... Anything But Love is the third Cupcake Lovers novel from Beth Ciotta.